[REVIEW MOVIE] The Hole In The Ground: New wind of horror 

The movie Death Hole (The Hole In The Ground) is not only a horror film that makes the audience chill but also has a thrilling script that captivates right from the beginning minutes besides lessons about love. death.

The Hole in the Ground is shown at the Sundance Film Festival.

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The plot begins when the family of a single mother Sarah O'Neill (Seána Kerslake) plays with her 8-year-old son Chris (James Quinn Markey) to move to a house in a small town in the suburbs. city ​​umbrella.

Sarah wishes for a better life for both mother and child, the first step is to build a new future scene, by leaving the obsessive past with the fears that have always been there for her. Little Chris also gradually integrated into a new life by making more friends.

phim Hố Tử Thần

But the small conflicts between mother and child are still standing. In a question about why dad didn't come to live, Chris was angry at her mother, so she ran straight to the jungle behind her house.

Sarah went in search of her child, but to no avail, but suddenly she discovered a huge deep hole not far from home, a road connected to the Earth's crust. Then suddenly the boy Chris returned but Sarah gradually no longer realized that this was his son anymore because of his unusual expressions.

"Known as a Changeling in Irish culture, there are super powers, underground creatures that will capture children ..."

Sarah (Seana Kerslake) is a good mother. Although there are some serious family conflicts. Opening The Hole in the Ground is a picture of Sarah and her son Chris (James Quinn Markey) having a happy atmosphere together.

phim Hố Tử Thần

Just on the way home, they drop into the crazy town of Norreen (Kati Outinen), otherwise known as Walkie Talkie. On the way they caught another woman, Sarah stopped to check on this strange woman mumbling something on the way.

We know that this crazy woman believes that many years ago she lost her son to a legendary creature. Known as a Changeling in Irish culture, these underground creatures will steal children and disguise them.

phim Hố Tử ThầnHowever, one night when Sarah and Chris were sleeping in their new home, it was too loud for them, when the noise rang. Chris disappeared, and Sarah followed the sound to the forest where she encountered a hole in the ground. Returning home, she saw her son coming back, but instead of cuddling gestures for him, she was skeptical. Shortly thereafter, Sarah began to discover very strange behaviors and began to wonder if her son would be like the son of the woman she met on the road.

Written by Lee Cronin and Stephen Shields, the Deathly Hallows movie incorporates known mythological elements in Irish culture. In the context of quality horror movies are flooding throughout Hollywood, through good quality works such as Hereditary and Us .

phim Hố Tử Thần

The Deathly Hallows movie is expected to hit hard next thriller this year. Lee Cronin's debut work is currently receiving an impressive 84% on Rotten Tomates. The Los Angeles Times rated the film for the Winged Word "as an impressive product from a filmmaker without the need for ghosts or unexpected intimidation."

"... a perfectly satisfying movie that will take folklore and apply modern reasoning."

While Kerslake is as great as the ruble when it comes to expressing the embarrassed mother Sarah, Markey is the owner of all the best scenes. Reminds us of Hailey Joel Osment, the way Markey gradually becomes stern and suddenly becomes another person who requires his excellent incarnation ability.

phim Hố Tử Thần

The more I see, the more impressed with the context that caused the firefly vision of director Lee Cronin. Recalling Neil Marshall's The Descent, we also have the same sense of visual symbolism with color and layout. Cronin knew what he was trying to imply and we understood that immediately while other things were more subtle.

Is Chris an impostor? Will Sarah never discover the truth? v And how does all of this relate to a crater sinking in a nearby forest? It can be said that this is a movie entirely set in the old folk scene and applied modern logic. The Hole In the Ground will surprise you, this strange dish will lead us to a new scary story. This is a monster movie that makes viewers really satisfied.

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